Your life has turned upside down.

You rely on your strength and the coping patterns from the past. You tell yourself, “I’ll get through this.” Or “It can’t get any worse.” But you realize your strength is fading, and your coping mechanism from the past no longer serves you.

The only thing you want back is how things were. You want to feel calm, balanced, and safe around others.

The voice inside your head is constantly telling you stories, sometimes the same story over and over. And each time around there is a worse outcome.

You drive yourself nuts. Your thoughts force you into a tight corner.

Let’s get you out of this corner!

In processing trauma, somatic communication allows you to be in the driver’s seat of your healing journey – and I’m alongside you.

For healing from trauma, we need to show your nervous system alternatives to the stress response pattern that has become embedded in your body.

To bring your nervous system into harmony again, we integrate your mind, emotions, and body. To boost your experience, we combine the communication piece with bodywork.

Our work together will allow you to regain energy and find your authentic self and joy in all parts of your life.

Take control of your well-being!

Start living life right-side up.

It’s time to process that past trauma that keeps triggering thoughts and feelings that impact you emotionally and physically.

The first step to feel alive again is to call me. Then, we begin the process of helping you heal.