Somatic Communication

You just got terrible news…

Life can sometimes throw a curveball.

You lost your job or a loved one, or you got a horrible diagnosis. Your life has turned upside down from one moment to another, and you don’t know what to do.

Just a moment ago, you felt strong, resilient – you felt like you could conquer the world!

And now this!

You are lost in the brain fog of overwhelm – you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you.

You ask yourself:

This can’t be true?

Why did that happen to me? I’m so angry at myself and the whole world!

I feel down – I’m depressed.

You are in disconnection…

Your emotions are in turmoil. Right now, your view is very narrow – as if you see the world through a tunnel.

Your thoughts are racing.

You feel paralyzed – in shock – alone with your thoughts of sadness, anger, and grief.

You feel despair.

Now is exactly the time to seek help…

With the help of somatic communication, I can help you in the process of grief. It is a nonjudgmental and neutral way that allows you to find your innate healing powers and strength.

Your view becomes more expansive and will allow your mind to calm down.

And we will work together to reconnect you to resources in your life, to things that you love, and heal your relationships.

You will become more resilient.

Don’t wait! Get the support you deserve! Get your life back!