Physical and Structural Aches and Pains

How can I escape the pains of my body?

Waking up in the morning with chronic or acute physical pains can feel daunting. It’s clear – the wear and tear of your lifetime of physical activity or injuries you’ve experienced have caught up to you.

‘How much longer do I need to put up with this?’

You are concerned about your work performance, struggling with daily tasks, and your training is on hold. Life has become limited by your body’s condition – It is frustrating!

You think you have tried everything.

You have seen health care providers and know them all by name.

The only things you’ve received were more pills that cover up your symptoms. Or you were offered surgeries you are not ready to have.

You don’t feel heard and understood.

Good for you, there are better options!

Get the support you deserve.

I will listen! And I will look at your body as a whole. This holistic approach means that all aspects of your being will be part of the treatment.

Often, emotional blockages manifest in physical forms, and physical issues will manifest in our emotional makeup. No matter where the problem started, we can find the root cause of the issue and begin the process of healing.

Through hands-on assessment and bodywork, you will experience the powerful release of muscle tensions and relaxation through precise manual pressure point release techniques and manipulations.

Additionally, we will discuss nutritional options that will support you in the healing progress. You will learn the needed information to make healthy food choices.

Once you are ready, I’ll design Polarity Yoga exercises that meet your needs and capabilities. These exercises will give you the power to be in charge!

Feel heard and empowered!

My goal is to listen to what you have to say and to help relieve your pain.

You will notice that your health and well-being start to shift in the right direction. Your muscles and joints will become more flexible and pliable − your pain will begin to fade away.

How does that sound? Don’t wait – take action!

You can get your life back! Start the process today.

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