Increasing Your Performance? How is that possible?

You are a driven, talented, hard training athlete − you deserve better!

You have been an avid athlete for so long. You are training hard and disciplined. You think you prepared everything perfectly and feel ready for the race – yet when race day comes, you can’t deliver.

The event’s energy creates a level of pressure that’s hard to deal with − causing you to struggle. No wonder your performance is not how you imagined. Even during the race, you question yourself and put additional pressure on yourself − making things worse.

Performance pressure is intense.

Sports events have a dynamic and energy of their own. Some athletes thrive under pressure and absorb the field. But for most of us, expectations of delivering put us under increased pressure.

Physically you know you are ready, but your mind is messing with you and is throwing you off. You have the drive, and quitting is not an option. You want to get this qualification so bad! Yet, it is so far away.

Meet the demands and accomplish what you deserve.

To help you overcome your mental pressure, I can offer you strategies from my toolbox.

I will help you increase your focus through breathing and meditation. It prepares your mind for a specific event ahead of time. Things will start to flow for you.

Additionally, I will support this process with hands-on manipulations and bodywork to dissolve patterns that cause blocks in your body that interfere with the flow of energy, bringing your body, mind, and emotions into synergy.

With stressors like this, the combination of somatic communication and bodywork amplifies the outcome.

Meet your expectations.

Let’s make all your hard work pay off.

You will be more level-headed, have self-confidence, and deeply believe in yourself and your skills. The race will be joyful for you − and as a by-product, you will perform to your expectations!

I’d love to help you achieve your ambitious dreams!