Client Voices

“Boris is one of those special human beings where he is completely focused and committed in whatever he does. He is sharp in the mind and in his body. He is also a high-level athlete which translates into his healing bodywork. He has a helped me move through various blocked spots along my journey, as well! Getting work done form him, always leads to a solution or a new discovery that will open the door and a journey towards healing. Highly recommended!”


“Boris is a fabulous Polarity Practitioner. The body work he does is geared towards each person’s individual needs. Boris has a great knowledge of the body and deeply cares about his clients”


“I had some training in Polarity back in the mid 90’s and always felt it was a very powerful technique. But I changed my career soon after outside the the healing field. Since then, I was never exposed to anyone that had practiced Polarity therapy let alone find a person gifted in the Techniques. I have had 7 sessions so far with Boris and have made some major breakthroughs on both the physical and emotional levels. I highly recommend Boris for his intuition and technique! “


“The progress that I have been able to make in regards to my physical health has been drastic and all thanks to Boris. Boris looks at the whole body and helped diagnose an issue that I had not been able to solve for 7 years.With his help, I have found lasting solutions to my issue. I would highly recommend him to anyone in search of an alternative treatment method.”


“Boris looks at your body from an entirely new perspective and has shown the capacity to identify signs of an imbalanced body that have been missed by other healthcare professionals. His unique techniques have helped me greatly on the recovery to be a competitive runner again.”