Leap forward and face life’s challenges.

Here are a few things you should know about me. I’m a very active sports enthusiast who loves the outdoors. As a result, I have been banged around a bit.

I also worked in leadership in the corporate world, which also resulted in some ‘bumps’ and ‘bruises.’

Believe me, I experienced my fair share of injuries – physically and mentally. One thing is for sure, some of those injuries were caused by more fun than others.

I am aware that life’s challenges can quickly catch up to us and have a cumulative effect on our overall well-being. The constant feelings of being powerless, the negative thoughts, and worries – can seem as if you’re not in charge of your life and are at the mercy of others. Those feelings are draining – and believe me when I tell you I have been there!

I learned (probably the hard way) that this doesn’t need to be that way!

Through being willing to face life’s challenges and taking the leap into uncertainty, I found my passion – helping someone find their healthiest self. Let me help you meet your challenges as you leap forward to a new life!

Through Polarity Therapy, my Mission is…

…to help my clients maintain and restore their health to enable them to live their lives at their best.

Polarity Therapy employs a broad-spectrum holistic approach that helps clients achieve health and well-being. Everyone’s challenges are unique and require a treatment that meets their requirements. I do not use a cookie-cutter approach but fit your treatment to suit your needs.

Healing comes from helping your mind, body, and emotions work as one. Once you find harmony, you will discover a new life, one full of creativity and the ability to face challenges head-on without hesitation or self-doubting.

My approach is four-fold, which includes holistic bodywork, somatic communication, exercises, and nutrition as you may have noticed I mention on the home page – and each are linked to website pages. Take some time to explore what might be helpful for you and your challenges.

About Me

I live my life!

I’m a former nurse/paramedic from Switzerland. In 2007, my wife Nicole, my daughter Jewel, and I moved from Davos (Switzerland) to Alaska and later to California. It sounds like quite the journey, but we like adventures!

I’m convinced that Polarity Therapy is the most comprehensive and holistic approach to health. It incorporates body, mind, and spirit. I’m grateful for being able to help people in such a special way.

Being part of the Marin Community is very important to me. The people in the area are physically active, take care of their health, and are open-minded to exploring new methods to improve their health and prolong their lives. Many of you inspire me, and I am so happy to help!

Are you interested in credentials?

Here you go!

BCPP (Board Certified Polarity Practitioner)
BSN from Grand Canyon University
MBA from Jack Welch Management Institute

Nature as a source of Life-Energy

On another note, I like to embrace nature. For me, that means absorbing nature and its beauty by being physically active.

I’m an avid cyclist and downhill skier. But in the past, I have tried various activities, including triathlon, mountaineer, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, running, and the list goes on.

Through those sports, I experience the energy and power of nature.