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A holistic approach to regain your health and well-being – physically, mentally, and emotionally

Holistic Therapy, San Rafael, CA

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When was the last time you felt on top of the world?

Being you was an incredible feeling! You felt strong. You thought you had endless vitality – it felt great to be you!

Embracing life to its fullest – life was pure joy!

Since then, life’s repetitive challenges have caught up to you. Your familiar coping patterns led you to anxiety, worries, injuries, chronic illnesses, or traumas. Before you knew it, your life had turned upside down, and you were not even aware when things started to go sideways.

You tried…

You think you tried everything possible to regain your health.

Although you achieved some ‘milestones’ along the way, it feels like this journey has been an uphill battle. It seems it’s never enough – changes are not sustainable. You are exhausted.

Your health has been out of reach for too long – let me help you!

Your goal is to feel your wholehearted, healthy, authentic self once again. You want to be in charge of your life!

We will work together to reconnect your mind and body, find the root cause of the issues, and allow your innate healing powers to take over. Through our work, you will find a healthier self, one that will enable you to live life at its fullest once again!

Solutions that work!

Polarity Therapy – a Holistic System of Healing

Developed By Dr. Randolph Stone

Polarity Therapy is an innovative modality of energy healing that focuses on the life force and how it impacts our physiological and psychological well-being. By utilizing techniques such a communication, therapeutic touch, nutrition, and exercise, it stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities. This therapy draws inspiration from a combination of Eastern and Western healing practices such as Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda. By revitalizing and balancing the vital energy, Polarity Therapy facilities the regulation of both, physical and mental functioning, while also activating the body’s innate resources of self-healing.

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NARM – Healing Complex Trauma

Developed by Dr. Larry Heller

The NeuroAffective Relational Model(NARM) is an advanced clinical training for mental health professionals who work with complex trauma.   NARM is a cutting-edge model for addressing attachment, relational and developmental trauma, by working with the attachment patterns that cause life-long psychobiological symptoms and interpersonal difficulties. These early, unconscious patterns of disconnection deeply affect our identity, emotions, physiology, behavior and relationships. Learning how to work simultaneously with these diverse elements is a radical shift that has profound clinical implications for healing complex trauma.

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Healing from the inside out

It matters what you eat! You’ll be able to make informed decisions regarding your diet and how it can affect your progress to a healthier self. The Polarity Cleanse is a great kick start to detoxify your body and get back on track.

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Allowing you to be in the driver seat of your healthier self

You can prolong the effects of a treatment by doing Polarity Yoga. It helps keeping muscles and tendons flexible and the body energy in balance. It supports your own well-being and energy level. I give suggestions on what will benefit you most. you can consider it as ‘homework’. 

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Now is the time to regain your health! 
Reach out today, and we can figure out the next step.


Being a health care professional for more than 25 years in a variety of roles such as an intensive care nurse, flight nurse, and nurse leader, I have seen many people and patients worried about their health and the related costs.

Growing up in Switzerland, where health care is socialized, preventive measures are the key to keeping health care costs low. Naturopathic methods have been adopted and covered by health insurance for more than 40 years.

The result is simple. People are able to live their lives to the fullest for longer.

My Mission is:

Through my practice, I strive to maintain and restore the health of my clients to enable them to live their lives at their best for longer.

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